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The Lightness of Being You
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Macedon and Macedon Ranges
Tuesday Night 10 Week Deep Relaxation and Meditation Transformation Program!
A tailored Program to create deep relaxation and transformation on a physical, mental and spiritual level.



How can Meditation Sessions help me?

Current scientific studies are showing that the practice of meditation has numerous benefits for your mind, body and life.

Psychologial benefits may include a more restful nights sleep, reduction of anxiety and stress, regulating mood, increasing self-esteem, increasing self awareness, reducing anger and increasing joy and connection to self.  

Cognitive benefits can include increased focus, better working memory, with less unhelpful and relentless overthinking.

Physical benefits may include decreased blood pressure, lowered, heart rate, increased immune system and reduction in pain.

Meditation is helpful for children, adolescents, men and women.It is an effective practice for anybody. 

What does a Group Meditation session involve?

Initially I create a quiet space for you to feel relaxed, either seated or lying down. I then guide you to focus on your breath and body, then guide you through a progressive muscle relaxation that is deeply relaxing and nurturing.

As the meditation session progresses the focus turns inward, moving you into the present moment and becoming aware of the ability to easily let go of thought. The meditation then further deepens into a nurturing space of truly letting go of old emotions and bodily tensions and connecting with your  inner self. Upon finishing the meditation you will feel relaxed, renergised and centered. 

Clients often report on leaving they feel like they have just had a massage, due to being so relaxed.

Each week will have a different focus, moving through all areas of your life and Being. 

I look forward to assisting you to greater peace and ease in body, mind and spirit.

With gratitude, Nicole

$20 for 1 hour group session

Discount on registering and paying for 10 week program pass.
Located at Jubilee Hall, 54 Smith St, Macedon.

Starting Term 4. Tuesday 9th October

Weekly on Tuesdays 7:45-8:45pm

Bookings essential.

Changes experienced with Guided Meditation by other clients

 " I have tried many meditation classes and Nicole is an angel in disguise. Nicole's classes are always fun filled, empowering and enlightening. I highly recommend them. I can't wait to get to the class. I love them and i'm sure you will also!" Kathy  

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