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Are you ready to create dynamic change and consciousness in any area of your life today? What if you are an amazing Being and have the capacity for a life far greater than you have ever dared imagine? Are you willing to be and choose to live a life that phenomenal ?!


Consciousness Life Coaching sessions empower you to be true to you and create the changes you are looking for!!

How can Consciousness Life Coaching help me?

Consciousness Life Coaching is a both a pragmatic and dynamic way to empower yourself to create change with consciousness. It offers you a process that recognises that you are more than your body, your so called stories of “problems”, “mistakes” or “challenges” or even personality for that matter. It recognises you as the potent creator of your life with total choice and capacity for creating whatever you desire.

Consciousness Life Coaching is for people of all ages, children, adolescents, men and women and parents. It is effective for everybody.

What can Consciousness Life Coaching offer me?

The focus of the session is aimed at powerfully guiding you to a greater consciousness of what is energetically at the core of your current challenge, concern or symptom of feeling "stuck" and to release all the limitations you have around it that you are willing to let go of, in order to change it and start creating what you TRULY desire. I offer you the possibilities to increase your awareness and create infinite changes within yourself and the life you are actively creating in every moment.

I also provide you with EASY pragmatic tools to increase your awareness and empowerment that you can take away and choose to use in your specific situation and everyday life, creating ongoing change.

What does a session involve?

Initially I create a quiet space for you to feel relaxed, by phone session or in person, either seated or lying down, then ask questions to provide clarity around what it is you truly desire to change or create. Throughout the session i am "reading" your energy and as we talk , i use Access Consciousness™ verbal processes to facilitate you to clear limiting patterns, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, constructs and energies.

This energetically creates a change in your being and body that you may perceive during the session, some describe it as a "lightness" or a sense of freedom, happiness or possibility.

This is actually you perceiving and Being YOU.., the "true you" and creating the space of change within your reality with total ease. Each session is unique to the individual and always involves integrity and non judgement. The session may involve a variety of techniques such as visualisation, Access Consciousness™ verbal clearing, channelled guidance and energy healing.

Would you like to create more:

  • Empowerment and Consciousness in your life

  • Clarity

  • Ease in your relationships or parenting

  • Expression of your truth, your “real self”

  • Ease in clearing undesirable "negative" energies from others

  • Love, joy or happiness in your life

  • Ease in creating what you'd really like in life

  • Choice and freedom

  • Time free of constant limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions swirling in your head

  • Abundance or money

  • Awareness of energies or entities around you

Only you know when you are ready to let go of the old limitations, patterns and judgments and to create dynamic change, and a totally different reality that works for you and deep down you have always known is possible!

With gratitude, Nicole

$100 for 1 hour
$100 for 1 hour phone/skype session
Package: 1hr Bars plus 30 mins Coaching for only $130
Under 18 years $50 for half hour

Depending on the situation a single session or a short course of sessions may be required.

Changes experienced with Consciousness Life Coaching by other clients

"Nicole brought out some powerful emotions in me which had been deeply hidden and buried for many years…i experienced an immediate feeling of release following the session, and have learnt a great deal about myself and my past as a result. Nicole provided me with guidance in a way which was respectful, caring, and which centered on my core being. In short, Nicole's work has transformed me in a way which I never thought possible. It's like a heavy weight has been lifted from my being, and has been replaced by a new approach to life. I have found that I have a fresh focus on what is truly important to me. I would recommend Nicole to anyone who is seeking guidance delivered with truth, love and integrity.” - T.F

“I’ve been seeing Nicole for Coaching for a while to help me overcome severe childhood trauma. Thanks to Nicole’s caring, gentle demeanour I’ve been able to overcome so much. Now I’m achieving things which I’ve never been able to do before. The sessions have given me the drive to keep working on myself… so I can be free to be me and not who others made me become. One example of something I would never have done in the past was, to have one of Nicole’s Indian Head Massages. I decided it was time to pamper myself, it was the most amazing experience. I will always be so grateful for how much I’ve been able to achieve thanks to Nicole, knowing I can now reach my full potential which I’ve never been able to do before. Bless you Nicole.” - L.R.

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