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Hello and congratulations on choosing to create new magical possibilities in any area of your life.
The Lightness of Being you offers a fresh new holistic approach to mind/body/spirit personal development, wellness and consciousness.

Are you looking to dynamically and consciously create change in any area of your life's current challenges, whether its in the mind, the body, or the spirit?

How often, whether we are kids or adults, have we ever been encouraged to express who we really are and to 'know what we know'? Are you easily energetically affected by everyone elses' " bad hair days"? How much judgement do you sense everyday, even from your loved ones? Would you like to be nurtured, inspired, and empowered to create your life consciously, with the freedom of being true and authentic, being the "lightness of YOU" no matter what? If so read on!

What can a Holistic Personal Development Session offer you?

The Personal Development sessions offered are: Loving Kindness Group Meditation, Access Bars™ and Access Body™ Sessions.
They are nurturing, empowering, easy and effective. They clear unhelpful thoughts, feelings, emotions, energies and beliefs. With the tools and processes you will learn from these sessions, you are able to step out into the world empowered and create conscious change in an ongoing way more easily. 

Would you like to create easier and greater:
*confidence or clarity
*letting go of overthinking and constant mind chatter
*enjoyment of parenting
*assisting your kids spiritual development
*fun and enjoyment in your body
*loving relationships
*career fulfilment
*letting go of depression, stress and anxiety
*relaxing pregnancy and empowered childbirth
*spiritual development
*clearing undesirable"negative" energies taken on from others
*awareness and empowerment with all energies (spirits, entities etc)
*OR just desiring more consciousness and happiness in life in general?

These sessions can assist DYNAMICALLY!! (Feel free to browse through the session tabs on the left side of this page for further detailed information).

Sessions are tailored and available for children, adolescents, men, women, or parents. They focus on assisting you to release old limitations and conditioning, facilitating greater consciousness and change. A side effect of these sessions is increased happiness!! The power of laughter is infinite!!

I also currently love teaching and facilitating Access Consciousness Bars classes, where you can learn how to become a Bars Practitioner, or run Bars on your partner, children or friends, they will love the deep relaxation it brings to their minds and bodies! Not to mention the greater ease in life!

If you are interested in learning to run Bars on others, please ask me about the next class coming up!

How can Holistic Modalities assist my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and change my life?

Well, you may be aware that scientific research currently proves that what you think and feel (mental and emotional energies) actually creates change within your physical self, affecting your heart rate, hormones, neural transmitters, biochemistry and neurophysiology? (Heart Math Institute, U.S.A).
All those big words really mean is that any ongoing limiting and harmful thoughts or emotions you hold from the past, (which can be quite troublesome) are an actual energy that creates a destructive response within the cells of your body. Mind/body/spirit are very much linked. You may experience these energies as initial body tension and stress, and without conscious release, chronic symptoms can occur, leading to disease, general ill health and depression.
All of your childhood and life experiences and what you react, resist, align or agree to, can keep you perpetually stuck in these old patterns of unhappiness and confusion. By clearing unconscious programming and limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions you are freeing your body, your life and living into greater and entirely different possibilities.
Would you be willing to have greater ongoing ease, wellbeing, happiness and infinite possibilities right now in your life, being true to YOU?

What services do I offer?

  • Weekly Group Meditation Sessions
  • Access Consciousness Bars Sessions
  • Access Consciousness Body Sessions
  • Teach Access Bars Classes
  • Gift Vouchers

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you to create what you desire.

With gratitude, Nicole.

Changes experienced with Nicole Enge by other clients:

" Nicole is one of the most genuine, gentle and spiritually balanced people i have ever met. Just being around her is a positive experience. I have recently booked her for Bars Therapy and it was such a powerful experience for me. The session went for over an hour and a half, but it felt like 20 minutes for me as i was totally relaxed and moved into a meditative state. Since the session i have found i have a more positive approach to things in my life that have worried me for a long period of time. I will definitely be using this therapy again. Thanks Nicole. " - Sally

“I have known Nicole for over a year now, and value her as a Spiritual Guide, Healer and Friend. She has a strong ability in understanding key causes that often block individuals who are in distress with their own spiritual, emotional, mental and physical reality. She assist clients to empower themselves, to connect within and let go of negative beliefs and ultimately move the client towards a true responsibility of their own health & well being. She is fun, gentle, loving and an excellent communicator. It is a joy to be in her presence…… “
- Renee

“I’ve been seeing Nicole for Spiritual Counselling for a while to help me overcome severe childhood trauma. Thanks to Nicole’s caring, gentle demeanour I’ve been able to overcome so much. Now I’m achieving things which I’ve never been able to do before. The sessions have given me the drive to keep working on myself… so I can be free to be me and not who others made me become. One example of something I would never have done in the past was, to have one of Nicole’s Indian Head Massages. I decided it was time to pamper myself, it was the most amazing experience. I will always be so grateful for how much I’ve been able to achieve thanks to Nicole, knowing I can now reach my full potential which I’ve never been able to do before. Bless you Nicole.”
- L.R.

“Nicole has an exceptional ability to accompany you on your inner evolutionary journey to healing and wholeness. When you emerge knowing you have profound insight, understanding and connectedness it is gratifying. Thank you Nicole, for being part of my spiritual journey. With love, x.”
- Christine

You are just one of the most beautiful ladies ive ever had the pleasure of meeting and can I just say you have made a huge difference to my relationship with my boys, I thought it was good before but wow its amazing and is helping my eldest handle school now that he has started Prep, Highly recommend. Renae xoxo “


  • Associate Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists
  • Graduate Diploma in Social Science- Counselling. Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Certificate in The Art of Guided Healing, Levels 1-5
  • Diploma in Health Science-Nursing (Registered Nurse 18 yrs)
  • Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing
  • Cert. IV in Workplace Assessment and Development
  • Certified Access Consciousness™ Bars Facilitator
  • 3 Day Access Consciousness™ Body Class
  • Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Practitioner Certificate
  • Working with Children Check certified

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